Need field approval paperwork for install of Plane Power alternator on a C-175

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3 weeks 8 hours ago #3420 by STEVE ELLS
Hi All you Cessna airplane owners and Flyers,

I got a request from a reader for the FAA approved Field Approval paperwork for the installation of a Plane Power alternator/regulator system on a Continental powered GO-300 engine on his Cessna 175.

If you have the paperwork, pls post it here, or notify me here and we will arrange the best method for me to acquire it.

This request focuses on a C-175 with a GO-300 engine. There is approval for almost all other engines but the crankshaft on the GO-300 turns "backward" compared to other GA engines, so Hartzell left it off the STC paperwork.

The crankshaft turns "backward" because there's a reduction gear between the crankshaft and the prop. In order to get the prop to turn the "correct" rotation, the crankshaft had to turn backward.


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