Oil and Oil filter change C172

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Hi John,
I have pasted the address of an article that describes the diagnosis process for determining your engine health; you asked for that in your last post.


I applaud you for reading the manuals. However, those "oil change interval" paragraphs should be ignored.

The most commonly accepted rule for privately owned and flown aircraft (as opposed to commercial aircraft that are flown every day) is to change the oil and filter at around the 30 to 35 hour mark or every 4 months, which ever comes first.

The reason is that the additives to aircraft oil; the additive package in today's oils--to prevent foaming, carry contaminants in suspension, etc.--seems to become depleted and less effective at this interval.

There are many maintenance and ownership articles available to read by clicking on the "magazine" heading at the top of this forum page, then clicking on the "article archives" tab.

Since you've shown yourself to be a reader, I believe you'll find a lot of "good" reading there.


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Oil and Oil filter change C172 was created by John Zarpak
After I got surprise answer for 'C172 Storage' post, I want to make sure other engine related items in my POH is correct. I read the attached in my C172P POH. Is this a good practice?

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