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No direct personal experience, but my buddy with a Cherokee 235 was REALLY PLEASED with the overall experience and overhaul of his O-540 at Cross Country Aviation at Lancaster (KLNC); contact Josh Hoffman at 817-992-8199.

Personally, I did as Steve suggests below and ordered a factory reman O-540 from Lycoming through Air Power; in fact, I just heard this week that it's ready to ship! The benefit, as Steve mentioned, is I've been flying on my old engine while waiting the 12 weeks for Lycoming to do their build.

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your response. I currently live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx area.


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Hi Felix;

I recommend the following:
1) Determine if your engine needs to be overhauled.
2) If diagnostic tests reveal that it is then there are options

a) anyone who is a competent engine builder is allowed to rebuild your engine as long as your mechanic approves it. The FAA considers an engine overhaul to be a minor repair.
If you know a very good mechanic who is comfortable with precise measuring, and who will adhere to the directions that are in the overhaul manual, applicable changes mandated by airworthiness directives (ADs) and improvements and upgrades spelled out in Lycoming service information, then that person might be a good choice to build your engine.

There are many steps in the process: the steel parts will all have to be inspected using common non-destructive testing methods (magna flux, etc.) and the case should be checked for wear, fretting, alignments etc. There are shops that specialize in this work.

Lycoming publishes service information specifying which parts it considers mandatory in an overhaul.

Once all the new parts are gathered together, and the existing parts have passed inspection or have been replaced, putting the engine together is relatively easy. It's the prep that must be done correctly.

If this isn't an option you want to pursue, there are a number of qualified Lycoming engine overhaul shops around the country.

Where are you located??

In addition to getting the engine proper overhauled, I suggest that it's also time to send the propeller into a prop shop for an inspection and tune up. The same for the exhaust system and the engine mount. Often these auxiliary, but very important systems are assumed to be "good to go"

All this takes time. Especially now. Supply lines and parts availability are backed up.

Another option that lessens down time is to order a factory engine.
www.airpower.com is a Lycoming engine distributor.

It cites a price of $31.6K for a factory rebuilt engine--your engine would be sent back as a core,
Or you can send your engine in to get overhauled by Lycoming. That price is quoted at $27.1K.
A new engine is quoted at $56.7K.
There are monthly payment terms available

All Lycoming engine come with new Lycoming cylinders.
The benefit of ordering a rebuilt engine from Lycoming is you can continue to fly with your present engine, then when the new engine arrives, swapping the two is a relatively easy and quick task.

You can learn a lot more about determining engine health, and other aspects of engine replacements, overhauls etc by clicking on the "magazine" tab on this page, and then on the "featured articles" on the drop down menu.

You can start learning more by going to www.cessnaflyer.org/maintenance-tech/ite...uls-illustrated.html .
This is an example of the information available to you as a member.

Please tell me where you're located



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9 months 3 weeks ago #3079 by FELIX TORRES
Engine Overhaul Shops was created by FELIX TORRES
Looking for recommendations for an engine overhaul shop for an O-320-E2D. This will be my first engine overhaul since owning the plane. What cost will I be looking at?

Thank you

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