uAvionix AV-30 vs Garmin G5

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Hi, I installed 2 AV-30s in my Comanche early this summer. I have experienced a couple of things that pretty much were resolved after I spent some time calibrating the horizon and DG settings.

The DG really drifted a lot prior to calibrating it. But once I "aligned" it with the precise angle of the airframe in roll the drift slowed to a crawl. It still drifts a little but I believe I can further align it and the results will be very acceptable.

The horizon (AI) also needs to be precisely aligned. The only thing I have noticed with it is what seems to be slightly slow return for the last few moments to level following a turn. But not enough to be anything that would cause a loss of control.

I'm happy with the AV-30s and I believe uAvionix has some improvements and added capabilities on the way. I do not have an autopilot so the fact the AV-30 won't drive an autopilot is a non issue for me.

The G5, at a price point of $2595, has some advantages over the AV-30. It has a built in GPS, the AV-30 has to be linked (by one wire) to an existing GPS. And the G5 can provide heading output to select third-party autopilots (with GAD 29B).

Just to be clear, uAvionix sent me both units for evaluation, so I don't have any personal experience with the G5, except 2nd hand info from advertising and talking to my local avionics guy..

I've heard that many users are instead going for the GI 275, in spite of it being more expensive than the G5.

I hope this helps,

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9 months 5 days ago #3106 by Lyle Mann
uAvionix AV-30 vs Garmin G5 was created by Lyle Mann
We’ve been pursuing doing away with the vacuum pump and going with either the uAvionix AV-30 or the Garmin G5. From what I’ve read, I prefer the installation, features and price of the AV-30. Some customer reviews have concerns with drift on the AV-30, as well as a couple of problems with the attitude indicator. I called uAvionix, and they said that they are waiting on certification for the fix on the drift problem and they’ve not received any complaints on the attitude indicator. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations on the G5 or AV-30.

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