Handicap access to c-182

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Hi Mike;
I'm sorry it's taken so long to respond to your question.

A local 182 owner who has set his airplane up for "bush" operations with large main and nose tires, physically lifts his aged mother into the copilots seat.

The easiest Cessna for access is the Cessna 177 and 177RG (Cardinal and Cardinal RG) because the main landing gear strut is behind the door and the door is the biggest of all the doors on Cessna single engine airplanes. Many partially paralyzed pilots opt for the 177 or 177RG because of this access advantage.

In the 182, on the other hand the main gear leg in exactly the wrong position for easy access.

One suggest would be to install a modification on the door called a "Door Steward" This device is approved for installation and replaces the standard Cessna door hold open assembly.

Once the Door Steward is installed it's very easy to pop the end of the Door Steward strut off the round ball fitting, which allows the door to swing a little farther open.

You still won't be able to open it all the way because of the wing strut but you'll get more access.

Another thing I've seen done, especially by back country operators is to replace the existing door pins with spring clips. You can get the clips from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty (www. aircraftspruce.com) under part number AN415-2.

This allows you to completely remove the door by pulling the clips. Care must be taken to prevent damage to the door when it's removed.

Other than that, I've found small folding step stools from a number of vendors. Type "folding step stool" into your favorite search engine.

Let me know if I can help further.


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Handicap access to c-182 was created by MIKE RABIN
Does anyone have any suggestions for a way to get an elderly person with limited mobility into the airplane? ie. steps, lifts, handles, etc.

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