vortex generator (VG's) advice

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Hi Randy;
I don't have any personal experience, although I did own and enjoy a 1966 182J for a few years.

VGs are a relatively inexpensive mod that is easy to install. I have put VG sets on a couple of airplanes in the past.

I'm not sure why you think you need them. It seems to me that the Sportsman STOL kit ought to give you very good slow speed performance.

According to the Micro Aero website installation of a set of their VGs will lower your stall speeds around 8 percent. Since your Sportsman STOL kit has already been installed, I don't know if that skews this improvement estimate.

I suggest that you talk to the Annie at Micro Aero ( www.microaero.com ) for details on how much a set of VGs will benefit your 182.

Let me know what you decide.

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vortex generator (VG's) advice was created by Randy Okon
Hello all.

I am a learning pilot of a new (100hrs) to me 182H. I have had numerous people sing the praises of adding VG's to this airframe. I live and fly in Western Montana. Anyone else have other thoughts about VG's or recommendation on which brand of VG? The plane is already equipped with Madras droops and sportsman STOL



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