December 2018 Survey Question: What's the status of your ADS-B Out compliance?

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3 years 5 months ago #1205 by CFA Staff
Our December 2018 e-Newsletter asked the following question:

What's the status of your ADS-B Out compliance?

The following are the rankings of the statuses:

1. Already installed. 64%
2. Will install within the next 3 months. 6%
3. Will install within the next 6 months. 7%
4. Will install in the last 6 months of 2019. 17%
5. Don’t need to comply. 6%

Here are the additional comments:
• I have pre-ordered uAvionix Tailbeacon and will have it installed about 15 minutes after it shows up this winter.

• The shops stated that they were not seeing a big backlog of people wanting to have the system installed at the last minute.... Which was true in my case.

• Waiting for FAA approval.

• Purchased used Garmin transponder, will purchase Garmin 82 in near future.

• Waiting till things get cheaper.

• Stratus ESG. Great unit.

• Of course I installed it between the two $500 incentives; I guess I should have slacked a bit more.

• In-process as I type this. Not required for us, but will enhance safety and flexibility of airport choice.

• Got the FreeFlight system 3 years ago. Works great! Interfaces directly with ForeFlight.

• Got $500 rebate.

• Purchased Trig TT22 for 1090ES to 20,000 MSL. Able to use GPS signal from installed GTN650. Great price and easy install, with small form factor and remote.

• Early adopter. It’s already saved my life.

• As Canadian not much benefits except for occasional overflying US or very close to border. We just hope Canada will go ahead with their system... before our lifetime!

• Probably a Uvonix Skybeacon on my 150G.

• We have been fortunate. A member of our flying club won a Lynx NGT2500 at AirVenture a couple of years ago. However, the installation costs nearly equaled the $3500 value of the prize!!

• I have a C-170B. Put an Appareo ESG with the Stratus ADS-B in. Works great. I'm a big fan of being seen and seeing other traffic. WX in is great.

• Got the rebate.

• Did it two years ago and I’ve been very happy I did.

• Awaiting delivery of unit.

• I installed and complied about 1 1/2 years ago and collected my $500 bucks. There is no sense in procrastinating, so I scrambled some bucks, bought and installed it myself. I am a retired avionics tech, for me it was easy. My brother is an IA and signed the paperwork and log books. After that, I have installed 7 more units for people in the airport who wanted to comply. There are many in the field who are waiting until gauntlet sets in. These belong to the Procrastinators Club. They will be sorry come 1/1/2020.

• Since 2013.

• Installation completed in 2016.

• Put Lynx-NGT-9000 transponder in my 310. Has ADS-B in and out. Also has NEXRAD, as well as NOTAMS, weather hooks up with my iPad as well.

• GTX-345 with WAAS.

• Gtx345.

• Installed in August and excluded from the latest rebate. :( Guess I should have waited longer.

• It is worth the money! I went with the Lynx 9000+.

• 3 airplanes due.

• Garmin 335.

• Completed installation of GDL 88 & GTX330ES in 2017.

• Probably installed "too early" (2+ years ago), but I don't have to worry about it now.

• Lynx 9000. Great unit, love the display.

• Costs more than 1/3 of the value of my 140!!

• Placed new Stratus transponder.

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