January 2019 Survey Question: Does your Cessna have a Nickname?

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3 years 5 months ago #1248 by CFA Staff
Our January 2019 e-Newsletter asked the following question:

Does your Cessna have a nickname?

The following are the rankings of the results:

1. Yes. 60%
2. No. 40%

Here are the additional comments:

• Betsy Bee - my Dad’s way of saying B&&&h.

• My husband calls the Cessna 182 Cooper. When my girlfriends and I are flying, he says the chicks are flying the coop!

• Cash Cow.

• "The Ruptured Duck." Named by the previous owner after one of the B-25 Mitchell bombers in the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in WWII.

• Molly— she came with it.

• Goldilocks.

• 1965 C-150E A.K.A. "The Other Woman". My first wife named it. She thought I spent too much time with her and too much money on her.

• Miss 'B' after my wife.

• Bluebird, because it’s blue.

• Amazon Temptress. That ex-military, lawyer, writer guy (Koontz) had already taken Cannibal Queen.

• Only when something goes wrong with it... usually not so nice.

• Miss Piggie. During the time of the rebuild someone put a sign in front of it that said “PIG PEN”. After rebuilding it in 1978, I took it to an air show and won a trophy. When I returned, I put it on the instrument panel. When I returned the following day, the sign was changed to read “MISS PIGGIE”. So, the name stuck.

• Bluemoose.

• SloHawk— the Skyhawk is a pretty good airplane as it came from the factory. There have been many modifications created to enhance the speed of the airplane, mostly in the form of engine upgrades and speed mods but at the end of the day, no matter how much money you spent on it, you will only achieve a slight increase in speed. The biggest performance increase is in take-off performance.

• Hotel is our T182T, our Husky we call Dawg.

• The Electric Banana.

• Dovey; she climbs like a dove reaching for the heavens.
“Sky-kite”— I have a 1969 172K with the 40 degree flaps. After I got the plane and started practicing landings, upon deploying the full 40 flaps, the plane felt to me like it went from flying to hanging in the air like a kite and I commented the new name.

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