August 2019 Cessna Flyer On-question Survey Results

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2 years 9 months ago - 2 years 9 months ago #1597 by Jen D
We asked: What's most important to you when choosing a mechanic or shop to work on your Cessna?
You answered:

• Thorough
• Approachable! Sick of dealing with mechanics with a crappy attitude. Owners should never feel anxious about approaching a mechanic. Happens all the time.
• Sometimes depends on expected scope like corrosion repairs or simple annual.
• Won’t cut corners to save me a buck. Like stretch a air filters service life
• I am an A&P so I only need another mechanic to do the annual inspection.
• Good communication whilst any checks or repairs are being carried out.
• Good Reputation
• Communications skills, responsiveness
• Most important is business and intellectual honesty. My experience is that business, honesty and ethics seem to be incompatible. Buyer beware!
• known quality of their work.
• Honesty & Integrity
• Quality of the work.
• Must be available
• Able to work on the plane promptly. Small or no backlog.
• Price. Located in a state that exempts aviation products and services from taxation.
• Timeliness. Not getting bumped because a more profitable job came in.
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