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1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #2662 by Kent Dellenbusch
Have you ever found a left-behind tool or other foreign objects when disassembling your aircraft for maintenance?

No - 35.42%
Yes - 64.58%

-A magnetic led light on an engine mount.
-Screw driver
-Flashlight. Bucking bar
-Found a tuna can on top of the engine - used by the maintenance team to hold small parts/screws. Saw it during pre-flight as -I checked under the cowling for wasps nest/birds, etc
-Twice, 1)Screw driver left in the cuff off the leading right wing ,been in there probably for several years 5 to 8 2) Screwdriver -left right aft tail cone probably thee r for 15 years or more
-screwdriver bit under back set cover
-wooden handle hand broom in tail
-Flashlight one time laying between two rear cylinders not visible from the oil door or from front opening of cowl. Also another flashlight this one plastic inside wing. So two flashlights on two separate occasions. I also found a large nut laying between two cylinders. The nut was much to large for any airplane I would ever fly or own so it must have been placed there as a prank or practical joke.
-Found a really nice snap punch in the tail cone on our first inspection after acquiring the plane. Apparently, it was left there when some sheet metal work was performed several years earlier.
The first shop I ever used. They weren't very good, but at least you always got free tools. The plane we bought a couple of years ago came with free tools under the floor.

There were many more answers. Some of these are hilarious, but serious.
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