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Hi Lyle,
We'll be sending an email with all the particulars, but here's a schedule. We will have a shuttle running on Saturday from 10 am to about 6 pm between the airport and hotel. If you are arriving outside of that time we recommend calling Waupaca Taxi. Last year they charged about $5 for the trip, not sure what that will be this year.

Saturday, July 23, 2022
Airport Arrivals: There will be a shuttle at KPCZ from 10:00 – 18:20. Note that shuttle runs take at about 30 minutes round trip, so if the shuttle isn’t there when you arrive, hang tight and it should return soon. If you arrive outside these times, Waupaca Taxi is an inexpensive alternative. See below for contact.
17:30—20:30 Registration and Welcome Reception. Includes beverage and a meal. In the Par 4 Conference Center. (late arrivals can complete registration at any time during the event)

Sunday, July 24, 2022 – Par 4 Conference Center
08:00 Opening remarks
08:30—09:30 TYLER HARBACH, LYCOMING: Care and Maintenance of Your Lycoming”
09:45—10:45 VINCE BECHTEL, TEMPEST: Oil and Air, What You Need to Know
11:00—13:00 Lunch break/socializing
13:15—14:15 MICHAEL LEIGHTON: CFA/PFA. Staying Current in 50 Hours a Year
14:30—15:30 STEVE ELLS: CFA/PFA TECH SUPPORT. Pitot Static Systems
15:30—16:15 Wrap up and door prize drawing

18:00—20:30 Banquet at the Par 4 Conference Center

New this year
Monday, July 25, after the return from AirVenture, we are offering an optional meal for $30/person at the Par 4 Resort. We are doing this to alleviate some of the problems we encountered last year with our large group descending on the Par 4 Bistro all at one time, with another large group there as well. To take advantage of this dinner, you must be signed up and paid for by July 11, 2022. Other dining options on your own are the Par 4 Bistro or a taxi ride into Waupaca to another restaurant.

July 25/26/27, 2022 Bus to AirVenture
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning the bus(es) to AirVenture will be at the Par 4 Resort at 07:00 and will depart for Oshkosh at 07:30 with a stop at the Ramada on the way.
The bus remains on the grounds during the day and will generally be available if you need to take a rest or drop off packages. Check with your bus driver for bus access availability.

Exhibit hangars close at 17:00.
The bus will depart the AirVenture grounds at 18:00 to return to the Par 4 Resort and Ramada.

Wednesday night the bus will arrive on the grounds at about 22:00 and will be ready to depart at 22:45. It will not be the bus you arrived in. We will have a banner on the bus to help you identify it. You must pre-register and pay for the night bus separately. This fee is non-refundable.

Cessna Flyer/Piper Flyer BOOTH LOCATION: Hangar C 3126.

Kent Dellenbusch 626-372-1739
Jen Dellenbusch 626-379-3330
Waupaca Airport 920-867-3070
Par 4 Resort 715-942-0500
Waupaca Ramada 715-258-9212
Econolodge Waupaca 715-258-8526
Lamers Bus 920-362-0930
Waupaca Taxi 715-258-2880
R&R Transport (taxi) 715-281-4169

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Hi Lyle;
Glad you're looking forward to the Gathering. It's lots of fun.
There will be transportation to and from the Waupaca airport to Par 4
The beginning of the Gathering kicks off Saturday, July 23 as flyers arrive. There is a meal that night.
Sunday is full of good food, tech talks and more food. Not to mention some awesome door prizes and lots of flying and flying adventure stories.
The bus starts to head into AirVenture Monday morning, and returns every day.
That's a rough idea of the schedule.

If you have more questions, please post them here.

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I’m not real tech savvy and I don’t do Facebook. Is there a published schedule on the gathering other than Facebook. This is my first visit. I was also wondering if there’s any transportation to the Par 4 from the airport. Really looking forward to the event. Thanks

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