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Hi John,
You've got a good grasp of a workable process.

For what it's worth, the reason you're finding a lot of 172s in California is because 10 percent of the registered pilots live in the state, and good flying weather is the rule rather than the exception.

Yes, contact the owner and establish a purchase agreement contingent on: a) a thorough inspection of the aircraft records (log books); and b) a pre purchase inspection.

In that agreement, your need a clause that alerts the owner that the agreed on price in the purchase agreement must be negotiable depending on what is found during the records and pre purchase inspection.

Since there's no printed guidelines for what a pre purchase inspection consists of, I like to get the seller to agree to split the price of a complete annual inspection.

For instance, will a pre purchase include a thorough visual inspection of compliance with every Airworthiness Directive (AD), or just a review of the log book entries saying the AD was complied with? Unfortunately, and rarely a compliance entry has been pencil whipped.

If that has happened, then you as the new owner may be in for a big (and costly) surprise when a diligent inspector finds the AD was not done and you have to pay for it.

Secondly, you never what to let the owner's mechanic do the pre purchase or the pre buy annual. Get those inspections done by an inspector who doesn't have any cards in the game.

You can do some homework by contacting the FAA aircraft registry office ( www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/aircra...n/aircraft_registry/ ) and typing the aircraft N no. into the search window to see if the registration is current.
You can also buy a CD that is a copy of all the registration and maintenance records that have been filed on that N no. There's a records request form farther down that same page.
The last time I received a records CD is cost $10 and arrived in my mailbox very quickly.

I suggest you click on "Magazine" tab on the top of this home page. There you'll find menus to articles such as this one:
www.cessnaflyer.org/maintenance-tech/ite...hase-inspection.html .

Let me know how I can help further,

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How important is it to see an aircraft prior to starting any purchase attempts? I (first time buyer) am not able to find any C172N or later close to my location (KGAI), within 6 hours driving. I find many in CA that means airline travel and hotel, that are not wise in pandemic conditions.

I am thinking to start the process (ask for logbooks, negotiate the price and set purchase condition in a purchase agreement) and if all OK, arrange for pre-buy-inspection and then travel to where the inspection will be done to see the aircraft. Is this doable and wise or should I see the aircraft before any of the above?

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