SEL-57-08 Wings - Model 210 Carry-Thru Spar One-Time Corrosion Inspection

Original Issue November 1, 2019

Revision 1 November 19, 2019

(Note: This SEL is provided for information. Please refer to AD 2020-03-16)


The carry-thru spar can develop corrosion and cracks.  Corrosion can propagate and lead to crack development.  A crack in the carry-thru spar can progress to a point that a structural failure of the carry-thru spar can occur, resulting in loss of airplane control and/or wing separation.

Non-compliance with this service letter may result in undetected corrosion and crack(s) in the carry-thru spar, which can result in structural failure of the carry-thru spar.


This service document provides instructions and repair criteria to do a detailed inspection of the carry-thru spar to inspect for corrosion and/or cracks.

See attached PDF.