SAIB: Engine Fuel - NATO Grade F-24 Jet Fuel

This Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) advises aircraft operators, fixed base operators, FAA repair stations, flight standards district offices, and foreign civil aviation authorities that NATO grade F-24 jet fuel, as specified in NATO Standard AFLP–3747, "Guide Specifications (Minimum Quality Standards) for Aviation Turbine Fuels (F-24, F-27, F-34, F-35, F-37, F-40, and F-44)," Edition A, Version 1, is acceptable for use on aircraft and engines certificated for operation with ASTM International D1655 grade Jet A fuel1, provided the fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII) concentration in the specific batch of F-24 fuel meets the aircraft's operating limitations pertaining to FSII. Grade F-24 jet fuel meets all the performance requirements of D1655 grade Jet A fuel, but specifies a different FSII concentration range as compared to ASTM International D1655 grade Jet A fuel.