FAA NPRM 14 CFR Part 39

We propose to supersede Airworthiness Directive (AD) 81–09–09, which applies to certain Meggitt (Troy), Inc. (previously known as Stewart Warner South Wind Corporation and as Stewart Warner South Wind Division) Model Series 8240 (Models 8240–A, 8240–C, 8240E, and 8248), 8253 (Models 8253–A, 8253–B, and 8253–C), 8259 (Models 8259–A, 8259–C, 8259– DL, 8259HL2, 8259HR2, 8259JR2, 8259L, and 8259M), and 8472 (Models 8472C and 8472D) combustion heaters. AD 81–09–09 currently  requires repetitive inspections of the combustion heater; repetitive general inspections of the combustion heater installation; and, for combustion heaters having 1,000 hours or more time-in-service (TIS), overhaul of the combustion heater.

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