2007-CE-030-AD Cessna Installing placards

We are revising an existing airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Cessna Aircraft Company (Cessna) Models 150F, 150G, 150H, 150J, 150K, 150L, 150M, A150K, A150L, A150M, F150F, F150G, F150H, F150J, F150K, F150L, F150M, FA150K, FA150L, FRA150L, FA150M, FRA150M, 152, A152, F152, and FA152 airplanes. That AD currently requires either installing a placard prohibiting spins and other acrobatic maneuvers in the airplane or replacing the rudder stop, the rudder stop bumper, and the attachment hardware with a rudder stop modification kit. This new AD requires a change to the modification kit and removal of a small amount of material from the rudder horn assembly for those that have not yet complied with the existing AD or for those who can not comply with the existing AD (because they were unable to obtain full rudder travel with the existing kits). This AD was prompted by operators who have reported difficulty in obtaining full rudder travel with the existing modification kit. We are issuing this AD to revise the kits to use longer rivets and allow a small amount of material to be removed from the rudder horn assembly, which allows operators to obtain full rudder travel.