2010-CE-012-AD Inspect the thrust Attenuator Paddle Assemblies

We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) to supersede AD 2009-24-13, which applies to certain Cessna Aircraft Company (Cessna) Model 525A airplanes. AD 2009-24-13 currently requires you to repetitively inspect the thrust attenuator paddle assemblies for loose and damaged fasteners and for cracks. AD 2009-24-13 also requires you to replace loose or damaged fasteners and replace cracked thrust attenuator paddles found during any inspection. Since we issued AD 2009-24-13, Cessna has developed new design thrust attenuator paddles and universal head rivets as terminating action for the repetitive inspections. Consequently, this AD would retain the requirements of AD 2009-24-13 until replacement of both thrust attenuator paddles and the eight countersunk fasteners with new design thrust attenuator paddles and universal head rivets. We are issuing this AD to detect and correct loose and damaged fasteners and cracks in the thrust attenuator paddles, which could result in in-flight departure of the thrust attenuator paddles. This failure could lead to rudder and elevator damage and result in loss of control.