AD 2012-03-06

FAA AD SUMMARY: We are superseding an existing airworthiness directive (AD) for Superior Air Parts and Lycoming Engines fuel-injected reciprocating engines. That AD currently requires removing AVStar Fuel Systems, Inc. (AFS) fuel servos installed after May 20, 2010, if the servo contained an AFS diaphragm, part number (P/N) AV2541801 or P/N AV2541803, from certain production lots. This AD expands the applicability, and changes the compliance interval for all affected Superior Air Parts, Lycoming Engines, and Continental Motors, Inc., fuel-injected reciprocating engines. This AD was prompted by an accident involving a Piper PA32R-301 airplane, and by the discovery of additional engines being affected by the unsafe condition since we issued the existing AD. We are issuing this AD to prevent an in-flight engine shutdown due to a failed fuel servo diaphragm, and damage to the airplane.