SAIB: CE-11-29 Revision from SAIB CE-11-29

During an inspection of an elevator trim installation per S-TEC STC SA08996AC-D, it was found that the elevator trim cables pass through a bulkhead with about five degrees of deflection. A phenolic block is installed to prevent wear on the bulkhead and cable. Additionally, the cable impacts the floor aft of the bulkhead. A phenolic strip is installed to prevent contact between the cable and the floor. Until recently, there were no directed inspections of the phenolic block and strip.

The S-TEC STCs have been revised to install pulleys to move the cables off the bulkhead pass through.

Also, during the installation inspection, it was noticed that the rudder trim tab blocks were not properly relocated in accordance with the S-TEC STCs. This prevented the rudder system from obtaining full travel. There was no approval for the location and installation of the trim tab blocks for this particular installation.