Tempest® introduces new SPIN EZ™ truly “non-sticking” oil filter

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Tempest Plus Marketing Group (TPMG) announces SPIN EZ™, the industry’s first truly “NON-STICKING” oil filter.

Although offering many filtration benefits, aviation spin-on oil filters have historically been difficult to remove from the engine. Heat, time and pressure can extrude oil, grease, DC4® compound or similar liquid lubricants from between a filter’s rubber seal and the filter mount pad – in many cases leaving the filter seemingly “bonded” to the engine making it nearly impossible to remove.

Tempest is proud to introduce an engineered solution with its new SPIN EZ oil filter. SPIN EZ’s proprietary adhered solid seal lubricant stays where it’s supposed to – between the seal and the engine’s mount pad. SPIN EZ’s solid seal lubricant won’t extrude or squirt out from under the seal. This improvement prevents the bond-forming environment that makes legacy filters stick. The SPIN EZ filter spins off with only slightly more effort than is required at installation.

Additionally, Tempest SPIN EZ oil filters feature an advanced magnetic engine wear detector in every filter, and have an integral by-pass containment protection in filters with internal by-pass valves. Tempest aviation oil filters meet or exceed every requirement of the United States of America’s Federal Aviation Administration.

Tempest SPIN EZ oil filters are now available from authorized Tempest distributors. For a complete listing, visit www.tempestplus.com/distributors.

For more information on Tempest aviation product solutions, call 800.822.3200, email , or visit www.tempestplus.com. Follow Tempest on Twitter @TempestMarketing, on Facebook @TempestMarketing, and on LinkedIn @TempestPlusMarketingGroupLLC.