Bruce's Custom Covers - Get 10% Off All Cold Weather Covers

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It’s crucial to cover your airplane when it gets cold. 

Aircraft are made to last, but UV, water, and extreme change in temperatures can deteriorate the interior control surfaces and the engine itself.

Bruce’s mission is to help preserve aircraft for years to come by providing a protective layer between the elements and the aircraft. 

All of Bruce's covers are designed to protect the surface from direct contact to UV, snow, and frost. Winter covers are made using a superior fabric called WeatherMax. This fabric does very well outdoors and remains pliable in cold environments. 

Insulated Engine Covers

An Insulated Engine Cover can drastically cut down pre-heating time and help keep oil and fluids warm during short days.

Our Insulated Engine Covers are constructed with three layers. The exterior being WeatherMax and the interior being a soft non-abrasive liner. A specialized 3M fabric called Thinsulate is used as the insulator, which keeps the cover light yet extremely effective.


All of Bruce’s covers are custom-made to fit YOUR aircraft. They can account for oil access panels, pre-heating accommodations and even add the tail number to the side of the cover.

(Color options: red, black, or silver)

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