Garmin Pilot app adds new terminal environment NOTAM alerts and graphical runway closures

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Airspace depiction in Europe also improved with ICAO airspace classification colors

Garmin® International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., is pleased to announce the addition of new features to the Garmin Pilot app on iPad® or iPhone® mobile devices. These new enhancements to Garmin Pilot include graphical depiction of runway and airport closures on the dynamic map. Alerts for terminal environment NOTAMs have been added throughout the Garmin Pilot app to enable pilots to quickly view any pertinent NOTAMs. Especially beneficial to pilots flying in Europe, this update also adds the display of airspaces using the ICAO defined classification colors.

Graphical runway and airport closure NOTAMs
Expanding on the graphical airspace, obstacle and NAVAID NOTAMs feature, Garmin Pilot 10.5 now displays runway closure NOTAMs as an overlay on the dynamic map or SafeTaxi diagram, in full or split-screen mode. Runway closure NOTAMs are color-coded for easy identification and interpretation. Closed runways are depicted in red with a yellow “X” at each end. An orange runway with a yellow clock depicted at each end indicates the runway is closed, with conditions that require investigation, such as the time or date of the closure. Finally, a yellow runway indicates an upcoming closure. In addition to runway closures, airport closures are also displayed on the dynamic map.

Enhanced Terminal NOTAM alerting
Terminal NOTAMs are displayed throughout Garmin Pilot, including the airport page, procedures and airport diagrams as well as integrated within the flight planning process. When viewing a closed airport, or an airport with a closed runway, a new color-coded warning banner will be displayed across the top of the airport page to alert pilots. On procedures and airport diagrams, applicable NOTAMs can be easily accessed via the Warning button in the bottom-right corner along with a color-coded badge to reflect the number of issued NOTAMs. The Warnings tab on the flight plan form allows pilots to access relevant terminal NOTAMs for the departure and destination airport when creating a flight plan. The Procedure Selector will also display runway closure badges on the applicable instrument procedures.

ICAO Airspace classification colors
Garmin Pilot users in Europe will notice the new ICAO airspace classification colors on the dynamic map. The airspace colors are in alignment with ICAO standards and popular in country charts, such as DFS or IGN. ICAO airspace colors are automatically enabled for users with a Garmin Pilot Europe Standard license.

Additional enhancements
The recent Garmin Pilot update adds additional enhancements, including:

  • Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF) and Model Output Statistics (MOS) are now displayed as color coded overlays on the dynamic map or aeronautical chart
  • Embedded annotations within PDFs can now be viewed on the document viewer
  • Text annotations and undo/redo capability are now available when using the scratch pad or annotating charts/documents

The newest release of Garmin Pilot on iOS® mobile devices, version 10.5, is available immediately. For new customers, Garmin Pilot is available in the Apple App Store as a free download for the first 30 days. After the 30-day trial period, customers may purchase an annual subscription of Garmin Pilot starting at $79.99. Garmin Pilot is supported by Garmin’s award-winning aviation support team, which provides 24/7 worldwide technical and warranty support. Please visit for additional information.

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