Wipaire Receives FAA Approval for Increased OAT for Floated C208B EX

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January 2023 South Saint Paul Minnesota – Wipaire received approval from the FAA for an increase in Outside Ambient Temperature (OAT) operations for C208B EX airplanes. “We did this flight manual supplement to align the OAT flight and ground limit for a floated Caravan with that of a wheeled Caravan” explains Brad Kutz, Vice President of Engineering for Wipaire. “Prior to this, the ground OAT was limited to 42C (107.6F). Now, it has been raised to 47C (116.6F).

“The global market for floated Caravans continues to expand. To better support regions that experience extremely high temperatures we have introduced this increased OAT limit to improve the aircraft’s capabilities, particularly at higher passenger loads. The Airplane Flight Manual supplement can be processed within hours, via email, making it easy to accomplish across time zones” said Steve Zuercher, Director of International Sales for Wipaire.

More information on this Airplane Fight Manual Supplement

  • This is a supplement to the Textron 208B EX manual
  • Obtained by contacting Wipaire Sales or Wipaire Customer Service
  • MTOW of 9,187lbs, Service Letter 188 is a required prerequisite
  • Available as of December 2022

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