McFarlane Manufactures Improved FAA-PMA Fuel Strainer Top Assembly for Cessna Aircraft

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Baldwin City, Kansas, January 14, 2013 –

McFarlane now has FAA-PMA approval for the Fuel Strainer Top Assembly for most Cessna aircraft models.  The new Fuel Strainer Top Assembly, p/n MC0756005-2, includes multiple improvements to address corrosion related service problems with the original Cessna housing.  An anodized coating over our corrosion resistant aluminum alloy prevents galvanic corrosion between the aluminum top assembly the brass filter.  The fuel inlet tube attachment has also been improved with redundant methods of attachment to ensure a reliable, secure fit. 

 “Service history of the Cessna top assembly indicates that there is a design issue related to galvanic corrosion”, said Dave McFarlane.  “We have addressed this issue by using identical materials for the housing and inlet tube, and by adding an anti-corrosion coating to further reduce the potential of dissimilar metals creating galvanic reactions” McFarlane also reduced the cost by completely machining the assembly on efficient, computer controlled machines, thus eliminating the cost of a casting.  This allows McFarlane to offer the improved top assembly at a significantly reduced price.


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