AvMap A2 ADAHRS Module turns EKP V display into an EFIS! Product Launch at Sun N Fun International Fly-In Expo 2013

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Carrara, Italy - March 26th, 2013: AvMap, the Italian manufacturer of GPS since 1994, presents the A2 ADAHRS module (Air data, Attitude and HeadingReference System) that turns the EKP V's 7" display into an EFIS. The A2 ADAHRS module extends the functionalities of the EKP V Aeronautical Navigator bringing attitude and airspeed to the moving map and converting it into a centralized Glass Cockpit System for both navigation and primary flight display for experimental, ultra-light, sport aviation and general aviation market.

AvMap EFIS is composed by:

* AvMap EKP V Aeronautical Navigator, that acts as an integrated
cockpit display and central processing unit

* AvMap Cockpit Docking Station, that allows the EKP V to be installed
into the cockpit and provides connectivity to external modules

* AvMap A2 ADAHRS, a compact fixed-install unit providing attitude,
heading, altitude and airspeed data to the system (Air Data, Attitude and
Heading Reference System). The small and light module is easy to fit into
the aircraft as it can be installed in any orientation.