New DeLorme inReach SE personal satellite communication solution

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inReach SE is the most affordable satellite communicator that sends and receives text messages and can be used by pilots to stay connected in the cockpit when flying in areas beyond cell phone range. inReach SE pairs wirelessly with popular smartphones and tablets to make text messaging even easier and more convenient.

inReach SE Features:

  • send and receive text messages to any cell number or email address
  • message delivery confirmation for personal and SOS communications
  • GPS flight tracking
  • Global interactive SOS capabilities
  • 100% global coverage via the Iridium satellite network

(no gaps, fringe or weak signal areas)

  • color screen
  • virtual keyboard with predictive text
  • audible notifications
  • rechargeable internal lithium battery
  • slim, pocket-sized design
  • sized for one-handed operation

The remote GPS flight tracking capabilities of inReach SE gives near-real time aircraft position data in as frequent as two-minute intervals and reports GPS altitude, course and speed. Family and friends can follow a pilot’s trip as it happens via a web map display and can also ping the inReach SE device to view the user’s up-to-date position coordinates at any time during a trip. It also pairs with mobile devices to access DeLorme’s topographic maps and NOAA charts.

inReach SE also adds an important margin of safety for pilots and their passengers by taking the “search” out of “search-and-rescue.” In the event of an emergency, inReach SE’s built-in interactive SOS alert automatically triggers remote GPS tracking with precise location coordinates. Rescue personnel can save time locating users and both users and responders can provide ongoing updates until help arrives.

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Please contact me to schedule a time to meet with a DeLorme representative at Sun n Fun (Booth #C-005) to get more information on inReach SE and to answer any of your questions about this innovative technology.