Aviation Icons Give High-Flying Reviews on Cessna 210 Flight-Ops Book

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Just released is an all-new primer on owning and flying the Cessna 210 by six-time Master CFI Chuck McGill, and it’s receiving high praise from throughout aviation. Icons like Rod Machado, Barry Schiff, and Max Trescott happily tout its authenticity and focus on safety.

Entitled Flying the Cessna 210: The Secrets Unlocked, the book helps aviators master the art of piloting this complex airplane. Author Chuck McGill offers his wisdom on optimum performance and safe operations based on his thousands of hours of flying and teaching in the airplane. Flying the Cessna 210 includes:

- Tips and techniques for preflight, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and landing operations not found in any POH

- Discussions on many accessories and modifications found throughout the fleet

- Knowledge on how to maximize versatility and utility on all 210 models

- 114 full-color photographs and illustrations over 11 packed chapters, plus extensive Appendix

So often, people purchase complex go-fast airplanes but don’t have a good understanding of the airplane’s systems and flight characteristics. McGill has written this book to extend pilots’ knowledge far beyond a POH and to help them safely get optimum performance and longevity from their airplanes.

Flight instructor, author, and speaker Rod Machado praises McGill’s book, saying, “If you're thinking about purchasing a Cessna 210 or flying one, Chuck McGill's book, Flying the Cessna 210, is an absolutely must-have for your library.…After reading this book, you'll feel that you've just sat down for a one-on-one ground lesson with one of our industry's most respected flight instructors.”

Award-winning pilot and journalist Barry Schiff offers, "If you think you know what there is to know about flying a Cessna 210, Chuck McGill's excellent book, Flying the Cessna 210, The Secrets Unlocked, will both surprise and delight you. I hope that he is inspired to write so thoroughly about flying other types of aircraft."

2008’s National Flight Instructor of the Year, Max Trescott, says, “Whether you’re a high time Cessna 210 pilot or are just thinking about buying one, you’ll want to get a copy of Chuck McGill’s Flying the Cessna 210. My first aircraft was a 1980 Turbo 210N and I wish I had his book when I was learning to fly my plane. I learned a number of things from Chuck’s book that I never knew. McGill’s book differs from other 210 publications in that he gives details on specific techniques for flying these aircraft safely, while getting peak performance. For complex airplanes like the 210, I always recommended that pilots seek out a flight instructor who specializes in their aircraft type. For the 210, McGill is that instructor. If you can’t fly with him, buy Flying the Cessna 210.”

Aviation author and pilot Dale Brown writes, “If you are thinking about upgrading to a higher-performance plane than your current ride, you need to read this book.”

A student of McGill came away from his instruction saying, "You will be asking yourself: how did I fly before without knowing all these things and having these new skills?" One even called him “the best instructor in [her] 40 years of flying.”

The author’s mission in writing Flying the Cessna 210 was to pack it full of the useful information learned in thousands of hours teaching hundreds of Centurion students. Given the reviews and the book’s abundant facts, tips, and techniques, it will help anyone command the Centurion for the best performance and safety.

For more information and to order the book in full-color print or as an ebook, visit http://www.safeflightintl.com. Or download the freshly updated ebook to your iPad from the Apple iBookstore.

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Chuck McGill


Chuck McGill has been teaching for over 30 years and has logged over 12,000 hours in more than different 80 makes and models of General Aviation aircraft. He is a six-time Master CFI, and in 2009 was honored as CFI of the Year, FAA Western Pacific Region. He holds a Commercial certificate for ASEL, ASES, MEL, Instrument Airplane, as well as his CFI and CFII. McGill holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Business, and is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps.