Think Global Flight New Sponsors – Helping Fuel the Next Generation

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U.S.A., August 28, 2013.  Think Global Flight is proud to announce the newest sponsors helping fuel the next generation.  Air Journey, the world’s leader in escorted flying journeys, will join Jeppesen’s efforts toward flight planning; Signature Flight Support, the largest fixed base operation FBO and distribution network for business aviation services; Dual Electronics, aviation products adding highly-accurate GPS, weather and traffic information for a reliable back up navigation tool while in the air; Michelin Aircraft Tire, tires engineered to meet the rigorous demands of both recreational flyers and business jet aviators;  Flightstar Aircraft Services, leading provider of heavy maintenance and repair services to the commercial aviation industry.

This generous support from current and new sponsors will be used to ‘fuel’ the excitement created as the Crew begins their journey from Sun ‘N Fun next April, traveling the globe promoting education and inspiring students.  The project has generated over $900,000 with a remaining balance of $100,000 to complete the flight.  Captain Rice states, “All of the Think Global team are volunteers, including myself and Navigator Fred.  It is important for donors to know their tax deductible donations go directly toward the flight and education.”

Think Global Flight, an around the world flight of adventure, recognizes the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.  This historic flight will increase the number of students around the globe interested in and inspired by aviation and aerospace as they follow the crew on their journey around the Earth.

There are currently over 10,000 students participating across the globe located in 20 countries and 31 states.  The FAA and Department of Education has recognized this quality program for providing real world application to learning.  New sponsors join other industry leaders on this significant endeavor.  Premier sponsors include: Guidance Aviation, Jeppesen, Sennheiser, Cirrus Aircraft, AOPA, Abingdon Co., and Garmin.   

Dale Klapmeier, Cirrus Co-Founder and CEO, recently commented, “Cirrus Aircraft is on board with the Think Global Flight team to help promote education and aviation around the world!"

For more information, registrations, donations, and a complete list of donors go to: or contact