Danbury Aerospace Highlights Reliability of Products through FAA Rulemaking

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San Antonio, TX May 15, 2014 Danbury Aerospace, the parent for ECI Inc., submitted comments to the docket for the Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis (IRFA) regarding a proposed Airworthiness Directive (AD) to address certain types of manufacturer-approved cylinder assemblies.


Danbury's comments addressed both the rulemaking procedures utilized by the FAA and also sought to assist the agency in clarifying the figures contained in its economic analysis. By working with regulators to accurately define overall cost of compliance, the company will ensure the proposed rule receives the thorough scrutiny it deserves.


Over the past decade, aircraft have enjoyed a period of unsurpassed reliability from ECI's cylinder assemblies. Improvements in production resources and procedures have had a remarkable impact on continued operational safety. Additionally, the installation of engine monitoring equipment in a large number of general aviation airplanes has enhanced reliability and safety for all engine component manufacturers. The data that is available from the monitoring systems will prove to be a powerful tool for improving safety in the years to come.


The general aviation community has taken notice of this success, and they have been very outspoken in opposition to the proposed regulatory action. More than 560 comments were submitted to the FAA's docket from members of the public, pilots, industry groups and aviation experts, with the vast majority strongly arguing that the regulatory action proposed should not be implemented.


"We look forward to working with the FAA to guarantee world-class products for our customers and the flying public," said Bob Rasmussen, president of Danbury Aerospace."We applaud the agency for wanting to make rules that enhance safety through a process that accepts public inputs which are essential to a fair and balanced approach to the regulatory decision."   


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