Superior Air Parts Announces That The FAA Has Approved A Global AMOC For A Portion Of The Aircraft Affected By The Recently Updated Millennium Cylinder A.D.

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Coppell, TX, May 20, 2014 — Keith Chatten, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that the FAA has approved a Global Alternative Method of Compliance (Global AMOC) for the recent revision of FAA AD 2014-05-29. The original AD was issued for certain Continental Motors, Inc., (CMI) (IO-520, TSIO-520, and IO-550 series reciprocating engines with certain Superior Air Parts investment cast cylinder assemblies installed.
“Under the guidelines of this new Global AMOC, owners of aircraft who have over 12-years on their affected Millennium Cylinders, but have not yet reached TBO, will be able to alternately comply with the AD through ongoing inspections of their cylinders,” Chatten said. “These tests include visual inspection, compression check, leak check, and a borescope inspection every 50-flight hours or during an annual. Whichever comes first.”
Chatten also explained that cylinders that pass the tests could continue to fly until the aircraft reaches hourly or the mandated 17-year time-in-service limit. “Owners whose engines fall outside of the AMOC’s guidelines will still have to adhere to the AD as it was initially published,” he stated.

Here is a summary of the FAA approved compliance guidelines for the Superior Global AMOC: Upon reaching 12 years TIS, but less than the published engine model Time in Service (TIS), perform the following tests and inspections at 50-hour intervals or annually, whichever comes first. Upon reaching 17 years TIS, the remaining affected cylinders must be replaced.

1: Visually inspect each affected cylinder.
2: Compression check.
3: Leak check.
4: Borescope inspection.

NOTE: For more detailed information regarding the actual Global AMOC compliance procedures, please refer to Superior Air Parts Service Bulletin B14-01, dated May 19, 2014 or call Brent Henman, Customer Service Manager, Superior Air Parts at: 972.829.4635.
“We estimate that by approving our Global AMOC procedures, the FAA has safely eased a considerable immediate financial burden from upwards of 1,000 affected aircraft owners,” Chatten said. “It took a combined effort by representatives from the AOPA, FAA, and Superior’s engineering team to develop and approve this AMOC in such a short time.”
“Superior Air Parts remains committed to serving the flying public for the long haul,” he continued. “Although others in the industry are trying to capitalize on an unfortunate situation, this AMOC just one example of how our industry and the FAA can work together to reach a solution that mitigates a problem, while minimizing the cost to owners.”
“On behalf of all everyone at Superior Air Parts, our distributors and our many customers, I would like to personally thank the representatives from the AOPA and the FAA’s Fort Worth ACO (Aircraft Certification Office) and the FAA’s Boston AEG (Aircraft Evaluation Group) for their efforts to reach a positive solution,” he added. “We will continue to work with the FAA and AOPA to find ways to reduce the burden of this AD on aircraft owners.”
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