New Diesel GA Engine from EPS

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September 22, 2015


EPS Runs Their First Pre-Production Engine

        New Richmond, WI – Engineered Propulsion Systems (EPS) mounted the first in a series of pre-production diesel engines on a test stand, and turned the key on September 20th. “The engine started smoothly and ran great,” said Michael Fuchs, President and CEO of EPS. “We will begin the testing procedures tomorrow. Achieving this major milestone is an accomplishment that will set new standards. It opens up huge opportunities.”

        Based on data collected from two earlier “concept engines”, EPS initiated a number of refinements in the design and assembly of their series of pre-production engines. After extensive tests on their Mobile Engine Test Laboratory in the U.S. and a Dynamometer facility in Germany, the engine will be shipped to Mojave, California and mounted on an EPS-owned Cirrus aircraft where it is expected to satisfy certification criteria. Dick Rutan will be conducting the flight tests.

        The Graflight V-8 engine was started as a blank sheet design that incorporates many unique features that have recently been developed through modern technologies. The company has worked closely with Bosch to integrate new computer hardware and software that brings new levels of efficiency to diesel performance. Capable of 320 to 450 horsepower, the engine was initiated as an aviation project, instead of using an automotive conversion. Spearheading the design team are two accomplished engineers, Michael Fuchs from Germany and Steven Weinzierl from the U.S., who have had extensive experience in developing new engines ranging from one to sixteen cylinders and bringing them to a production line.

        “Outside of Europe and North America, diesel fuel is dominant in aviation,” said Fuchs. “The day may not be far off when it becomes the global standard which will make the Graflight V-8 a necessity in high performance aircraft for general aviation.”

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