• Kansas City is the closest major city to the geographic center of the contiguous United States. As such, the city has been a hub throughout U.S. history. Officially deemed the City of Fountains—but colloquially referred to as the “Paris of the Plains”—Kansas City is now a burgeoning city for vacatio
  • I thought I knew about Miami, I realize now, has all come from the television. “Miami Vice,” “The Golden Girls” and “Burn Notice”—these fictional portrayals all shaped my idea of the city’s surroundings, its residents and its culture. I think I was more wrong than I was right.

    When I started lookin


    I'd been attending AirVenture—“Oshkosh”—every year since 1994, but always by a public conveyance. For three years I had been speechifying about flying my 1960s-era single engine aircraft, Papa, to KOSH, but every year I found that the airplane wasn’t quite ready, so it was to the airlines (again)
  • A mile of concrete will launch you and your airplane to anywhere, but not without the right paperwork filed in the right places. Association member Pam Busboom takes us through the process, step by step.

    January 2016

    So you’re finally ready to stretch your wings and leave the confines of the Un


    By Kristin Winter

    Contributing editor Kristin Winter shares her experiences at AOPA’s last regional fly-in of 2016 in Prescott, Ariz.

    Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) made a huge change a few years ago when it discontinued its big annual convention and chose to organize regional fl

  • December 2015

    Mere miles away from the US mainland, Victoria, BC is a worthy destination and constitutes international travel to boot!

    Situated on the southern tip of Canada’s Vancouver Island, only the Strait of Juan de Fuca separates the city from Port Angeles to the south, and the Haro Strait a

  • Last month Pam Busboom explained everything that is needed to make an international flight originating in the United States. In part two, she goes step-by-step on how to fill out all of the online paperwork.

    In the second half of this article I’ll be walking you through exactly how to register on t

  • This document provides references for filing International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Filed Flight Plans (FPL) and associated flight planning messages for flights within United States domestic airspace.

    Follow this link to download from original source.

    FAA ICAO Flight Planning Interface R

  • Form FCC 605, Schedule C, is a supplementary schedule for use with the FCC Quick-Form Application for Authorization in the Ship, Aircraft, Amateur, Restricted and Commercial Operator, and the General Mobile Radio Services, FCC 605 Main Form. This schedule is used to supply information for authorizat

  • LightHawk volunteer pilots provide the powerful perspective of flight to help conservation experts make better decisions.

    June 2015-

    This month we’re diverting from our regular destination feature. Instead of focusing on one small area of our marvelous planet, we’d like to draw attention to the wi

  • It's more than just a mile from Texarkana, and it's more than just a relic from the steamboat days.

    April 2015-

    The surveyors were off—by a whole 30 miles—but the song is still popular. That song would be "Cotton Fields" recorded in 1940 by blues legend Lead Belly and covered by everyone from The

  • February 2005

    I met Karl Finatzer in the arrivals hall at Johannesburg International and he promptly took me to an American-styled restaurant where I was expected to consume a T-bone steak the size of a toilet seat—some sort of tradition, I think. I can't remember the time of day but my stomach was

  • March 2005

    That's a Lot of Hamburgers . . . When Flyer publisher Jennifer Dellenbusch asked me to write about ten $100 hamburger destinations near where my wife Sara and I live in suburban Wichita, I answered, "Gee I'm not sure I have $1,000 for hamburgers."

  • April 2005-

    Few can deny that being a pilot has privileges. One such privilege is access to remote wilderness areas for all types of recreation, including hunting. Even if you aren't a hunter and are simply looking to experience the outdoors in as pristine and unaltered a setting as possible, flyin

  • February 2005-

    On Sept.15, 2004, and again on Sept. 19, 2004, Captain H. James Poel—a 61-year-old retired American Airlines Boeing 777 captain—made the first flights in a reproduction of the 1911 Curtiss A-1.The Curtiss A-1 "Triad" was the United States Navy's first airplane and the first amphibiou

  • December 2014-

    Visiting pilots can go full-immersion at two of the area's best aviation-themed restaurants, plus so much more.

    Unless you live in the loosely defined geographical area that includes the city of Chicago and its many suburbs called "Chicagoland," chances are pretty good that when you


    The Green Hornet succeeds in its mission to educate the nonflying public.

    As summer turned to fall, pilots Field Morey and Conrad Teitell were in the air a lot—not just to enjoy the crisp air or changing leaves that many enjoy during such a picturesque time of year, but with a bigger mission: to

  • November 2014-

    The Reno Air Races,"The World's Fastest Motorsport,"just completed its 51st year of racing.

  • September 2014- Aviation-themed restaurants are fairly common—the 94th Aero Squadron chain comes to mind—but in Los Angeles you'll find one that's in a class by itself: The Proud Bird, located across the street from the approach end of Runway 25L at Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX). On a typ

  • May 2014 -

    Cities large and small often have an event once a year that draws regional or even national attention. Cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are such icons that visitors trek to their environs whether there is anything special going on or not. And then there are a few cities, mos

  • April 2014- Flying over Kansas can seem like a never-ending view of wheat fields from horizon to horizon. That is a good situation if you are looking for an emergency landing place… but many of you may wonder what is down there.

    The city of Hutchinson is just 30 miles northwest of Wichita on the no

  • October 2005- In last month’s issue, the trip preparation described all the necessary details required to plan this type trip. After departing Wichita with a fuel stop in Sioux St. Marie, Canada, we are in Goose Bay fuel and ready to start out Atlantic Crossing.

    Goose Bay to Reykjavik: 1,338 nm


  • October 2005- I dream in color. Azure blue, coral pink, sunset orange. The silver of clouds when seen with the sun hitting them from above. Tropical fish colors and sea and sky colors. I dream of the Bahamas.

    This past February I had a chance to return to the Bahamas with our first annual Cessna F

  • Sentimental Journey is an old-fashioned sort of fly-in. It is a gathering of the like-minded more than an exhibition, a sharing of things rather than simply a selling of things. It is a wonderful place to simply sit beside your aircraft and smell the fresh-cut grass, to watch the activities on the g

  • August 2013

    It was cold when we arrived in Anchorage for the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering—unseasonably so, we were told. As we drove past Lake Hood Seaplane Base on our way to set up our show booth we noted the lake was still frozen over and all the planes were pulled up on the shore.

    Lake Hood

  • July 2013-

    It’s a cool Saturday in March when we arrive in Cambria, Calif. for a weekend visit.

    We are greeted warmly at the front desk of the Cambria Pines Lodge, but our room is not quite ready. No problem, we’ll use the time to check out the town and stop for lunch.

    Cambria is a small town l

  • August 2005-

    Nestled under the San Francisco Class B airspace, 20 miles south of the downtown area, San Carlos airport of Santa Clara county (SQL) is the closest General Aviation airport to both the city of San Francisco and San Francisco International.

    Among the services available on the field a

  • June 2005-

    When my old friend Max Berger called me, he proposed an all-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas in his Cessna 310. That was the good news.

    The bad news was that it would be a one-day trip, a simple out-and-back from our home airport in Florida to Treasure Cay (MYAT, for you fanciers of a

  • June 2005-

    Longtime friends Kendyl and Barbara Monroe finally decided to retire, leave New York City and move back home to the family ranch near Clayton, N.M. 10 years ago.

    All this time the invitation to visit them in their new home on the New Mexico plains was there for the Lloyds to accept, an

  • June 2005-

    Originally organized in 1974 as a weekend-long event, the annual EAA fly-in at Lakeland, Fla. has continued to grow in size and stature each year since.

    Known in the industry as Sun ‘n Fun, this annual spring gathering—which changed to a full week’s event in 1976 and has remained that

  • May 2005-

    Imagine a supersonic jet fighter that takes off and lands on water skis. Sounds insane, doesn’t it? You might think so, but the U.S. Navy built and flew four prototypes of Convair’s Sea Dart in the 1950s, and you’ll find one of them on a pylon in front of the San Diego Aerospace Museum, (

  • 02-13

    Stretching from Panama City, Fla. westward to the Alabama border lies arguably the finest white sand beaches to be found anywhere in the United States. Home to four major military airbases, the area somehow manages to combine a laid-back civilian lifestyle with a by-the-book military mindset.

  • 05-13

    A springtime odyssey from the Middle East to the North Atlantic

    The adventure begins with the chirping of my cell phone one afternoon in early April. The caller, an old friend, has an interesting offer. It seems four recently refurbished Skymasters stored in Aqaba, Jordan need to be moved to

  • November 2012

     The Niagara Falls region of western New York offers some breathtaking scenery including one of the seven natural wonders of North America, Niagara Falls. Recently my wife expressed a desire to see the falls firsthand—and I immediately realized this was a great opportunity for a trip

  • October 2012

     Having had the luxury of flying up in my friend’s aircraft, my experience to Oshkosh started off amazingly. Henry Graeber, Greg Kelsoe and I piled into Henry’s plane and we were off to Waupaca (KPCZ). I’ve been a student pilot for almost three years, but that’s another story.

    We arri

  • October 2012

    Walking through EAA AirVenture’s exhibit hangars and aircraft manufacturers’ displays is always fascinating to me. Whether you head to Oshkosh with a detailed checklist or employ the good old “I’ll know it when I see it” approach, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Over 800 exhibito

  • September 2012

    We were flying through a high mountain pass, a twisting maze of switchbacks across the top of the still-snowing Alps, a pass that may have been the same route Hannibal selected to bring elephants into battle with the Roman Empire. Ahead, the sprawling coastline of Lake Como came into

  • August 2012


    WHAT MAKES A PERFECT FLY-IN DESTINATION?  Of course, a good on-field restaurant is a great starting point, but going beyond the average hundred-dollar hamburger, it’s nice to have a museum or other on-field attraction. And if the field is located near one of North America’s top recre

  • July 2012

    This spring was a whirlwind of activity as the intrepid CFA staff attended aviation shows as far-flung as Germany and Alaska. Shows are a great way for us to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. We also gain new members—and keep up with what’s new in the industry—by attending aviati

  • June 2012

    As aviators, it seems we are perpetually seeking out new destinations. These achievements—so fastidiously recorded in our logbook—leave us with fond memories. For many of us, navigating to (and landing!) at the big show in Wisconsin figures prominently on our aviation bucket list.

    For me

  • June 2012

     I perked up last October when Audrey said she was headed to Rhinebeck, N.Y. Rhinebeck! That’s the only place I know of where World War I-vintage airplanes as well as airplanes from the Pioneer and the Lindbergh eras are flown during summer weekends. When I learned that the last show of t

  • April 2012

    There are many scenic locations along the Northern California coast. One of the most picturesque happens to be an ideal fly-in destination, weather permitting: Half Moon Bay (KHAF). It’s not only a great spot for a hundred-and-something-dollar lunch, but also provides opportunities for a

  • March 2012

    Our son and his family typically head south during their vacations, and the trips include places that interest their children—our grandchildren—ages 10 and six. Our daughter-in-law Alison suggested Legoland and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium on Florida’s Gulf Coast as our family vacation

  • February 2012

    The sun was up but the day still pleasant when we made our way onto the Casa Grande Airport ((KCGZ) Casa Grande, Ariz.) grounds for the opening day of the 39th annual Copperstate Fly-in. I always get a little thrill when approaching the venue of a fly-in—big or small. I never tire of

  • January 2012

    How many times have you heard the expression “working in the salt mines”? In reality, probably not that many, but you have likely heard it one time or another. This story is not about working in the salt mines, exactly, but it could have been, because this is about a visit to the salt

  • May 2012

    Most pilots have a favorite destination, either because it is in a beautiful part of the country, or because of the friends who gather there with you. My preference is Smiley Creek, Idaho, for both reasons. It is as close to the perfect place as I have found, plus the long grass strip is a

  • 01-13

    Traveling on Interstate 10 to Casa Grande on my way to the 40th anniversary of the Copperstate Fly-in, I can’t help but wonder what it must have been like 40 years ago. What was the price of Avgas? The average cost of a Cessna? VFR and IFR rules over the vast span of desert? Who came to the s

  • 01-13

    AOPA Aviation Summit 2012 in wonderful Palm Springs, Calif. crept up on us like Santa slithering down the chimney. Jen and I packed up the truck with booth supplies, did a “cat check,” set the alarm system, locked the front door, and pulled out of the drive. Off we go!

    AOPA is a first-class,

  • December 2012


    There are now more than 325 airshows held each year across North America drawing millions of spectators. This year, airshow promoters expect attendance numbers of 10 to 12 million which illustrates that even in a rec

  • January 2005

    The National Park Service (NPS) is raising awareness of soundscapes, the sounds of nature that provide the backdrop for those beautiful panoramas and the solitude enjoyed by thousands every day.

    Pilots are familiar with the ongoing controversy surrounding National Park overflights, mo

  • September 2004

    Oshkosh! For any GA pilot who’s been around for a while, it makes the heart beat faster. Once a year, Wittman Regional becomes the world’s busiest airport, with over 10,000 arrivals in less than a week.

    Static displays this year featured a mammoth Air Reserve Command C-5A Galaxy tra

  • November 2004

    Fifteen years ago I was in Germany on a business trip. My client took me to a small town outside of Bonn named Bad Munster Eiffel. This tiny Bavarian hamlet had a wall around it and at the main gate, a cornerstone was marked 1050 A.D. It occurred to me that that this town had been the

  • October 2004 -

    For many people, a weekend visit to a bed-and-breakfast inn provides a wonderful opportunity to decompress from everyday life. And for pilots, an opportunity to combine the B&B experience with a scenic cross-country trip is just about perfect.

    On the northern California coast, you’l

  • August 2004

    Nestled into the soft rolling hills of Upstate New York about halfway between Albany and Binghamton lies the small town of Cooperstown. Settled in the late 18th century, Cooperstown was strategically located at the southern tip of Lake Otsego at the headwaters of the Susquehanna River,

  • It’s one of the things owners Rosemary and Dick Estenson love hearing from guests.

    “How long did it take you to restore this hangar?”

    The question is entertaining because the hangar is not old at all, it was built from scratch not quite a decade ago on the ramp of Gillespie County Airport (T82) in

  • Discovering Pilots N Paws

    This past January, my wife was looking for a way for us to fly our 1972 C180H Jezebel (her nickname for our airplane, not mine—but it works) more than we did the year before. Rhonda has a friend named Nikki Mitchell up in Normandy, Tenn. who is an enthusiastic animal lover