2018-NE-39-AD; Amendment 39-19676; AD 2019-13-03 Trig Avionics Limited Transponders

Federal Aviation Administration
14 CFR Part 39
[Docket No. FAA-2018-1081; Product Identifier 2018-NE-39-AD; Amendment 39-19676; AD 2019-13-03]
RIN 2120-AA64
Airworthiness Directives; Trig Avionics Limited Transponders
AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.
ACTION: Final rule.


SUMMARY: The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Trig Avionics Limited TT31, Avidyne Corporation AXP340, and BendixKing/Honeywell International KT74 Mode S transponders. This AD was prompted by the discovery that the retaining cam that engages in the mounting tray may not withstand g-forces experienced during an emergency landing. This AD requires one-time inspection of the transponder installation and, depending on the findings, removal of the affected transponder for modification. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products.

DATES: This AD is effective August 27, 2019.

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Trig Avionics to Establish its New Regulatory HQ in the Netherlands 

Trig Avionics to Establish its New Regulatory HQ in the Netherlands 

Edinburgh based Trig Avionics Limited has announced plans to move its regulatory HQ to the Netherlands, as part of its planned European expansion. From Spring 2019 production and certification of Trig products will be controlled from the Trig office in the Netherlands. 

These new regulatory arrangements will ensure that Trig products can be purchased with confidence. This change in compliance, will mean Trig products are unaffected by any potential disruption caused by Brexit aviation restrictions (as reported in news media). 

Earlier this year, Trig announced plans for a new office in Amersfoort. Trig CEO Andy Davis said, “Development of our new operation in the Netherlands is going well. Amersfoort will become our regulatory HQ as well as our European sales office. This removes concerns about the impact of Brexit. Trig products will remain available, and certification for all markets will be secure. Customers can buy Trig products, reassured that it’s business as usual.” 

The new location will include a Part 145 Service Centre, providing support for customers based in Europe. New staff have been hired locally, and Trig is recruiting for additional technical staff - vacancies still exist for suitably qualified candidates in Amersfoort. 

“This move is part of Trig’s planned company growth” Andy Davis said, “The corporate HQ in Edinburgh remains a key part of the business. Our Dutch regulatory HQ provides business continuity; customers can expect the same first class service from Trig wherever they fly.”


Trig Announces TX56 and TX57 Nav/Com

Trig Announces TX56 and TX57 Nav/Com

The TX56/TX56A and TX57/TX57A – first preview of Trig’s slimline Nav/Com family 

Trig Avionics has announced plans for a future Nav/Com product family, which is expected to be available to pilots in early 2019. The first preview of the product is being made now, allowing pilots to see the newly designed TX56 Nav/Com. Using a slimline form factor and innovative features the TX56 will be easy to install and use. 

Trig plans to offer a special introductory list price of $ 3,195 ex. tax for the TX56A, the 760 channel version of the Nav/Com. This is certain to appeal to aircraft owners and flight training organisations looking for a high quality and great value Nav/Com. The first public showing of the TX56 range will be at EAA Air Venture in July. The European 25 / 8.33 kHz version is expected to have a list price of $ 3,495 ex. tax. 

The TX56 family of products will be available with 8.33 kHz channel spacing or conventional 25 kHz spacing, with 10 watt or 16 watt transmit power. At only 33mm high the TX56 case will save valuable stack space and requires no cooling fans - consistent with Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ philosophy. 

Trig CEO Andy Davis said, “For many aircraft owners the Nav/Com remains a vital piece of equipment. We are pleased to preview the TX56 - it will make access to certified Nav information widely available and will complete the Trig stack, when it becomes available in early 2019.” 

Trig claims that the TX56 has a superior user interface, this starts with a high resolution display. All vital information on the TX56 is clearly presented - a display ‘sweep’ function uses a single button to shift the display emphasis from Com to Nav status. The Nav will automatically load the identifier for the selected VOR and over 200 frequencies and identifiers can be saved into the Nav database. The TX56 is dependable, with the capability of providing a fix to a second VOR, improving navigational accuracy. Full support for ILS approaches and a back button allows a back course to be selected and flown. 

The TX56 has a built in digital Course Deviation Indicator. This provides a practical option, when an external CDI is not available. The TX56 comes with a built in VOR/LOC converter as standard, making it configurable with a wide range of cockpit instruments. As a natural accessory Trig will also be introducing a new CDI that will be available as a 3 inch unit called the TI106. This solid state device offers a reliable and highly legible display that is augmented by superior LED lighting. The TI106 will have a list price of $2,499 ex. tax. 10th July 2018 

The TX56 com will enable VHF voice communications on both 8.33 and 25 kHz channel spacing. Features such as ‘Push Step’ provide faster tuning and the radios Dual Watch feature allows the monitoring of two frequencies at the same time. The TX56 has Trig’s popular ‘Say Again’ feature, this allows the replay of the last received transmission. A powerful and fully customisable frequency database can be created and loaded in seconds, via the front panel USB port. This removes the need for database subscription costs and provides genuine flexibility - each pilot can load their own customised radio and Nav frequencies for every flight. These features make the Trig VHF Com radio the clear choice for training fleets. The TX56’s exceptional audio quality and clarity extends to the built in two place stereo intercom which will have support for stereo music. 

The higher powered 16 Watt versions, the TX57 and TX57A (760 channel version) will become available for high performance aircraft where a 28 volt supply is used. The TX57 list price is anticipated at $4,295 ex. tax and the TX57A will have a list price of $3,995 ex. tax. 

The TX56 family will represent a practical retro-fit for legacy units, being compatible with existing BK, Garmin and Apollo indicators. The ability to channel a Bendix King DME will also potentially ease installation. Trig sells compatible TMA44 and TMA45 audio panels, both are fully equipped to support Nav and Com features. 

Following the TX56 preview period Trig Avionics will announce firm dates in the autumn when the product family can be ordered via their Approved Trig Dealer network.