Jen D
310 Tale

310 Tale

August 2012

The end of World War II marked a resurgence in civil aviation production. Cessna got back in the civilian market with the release in 1946 of the 120 and 140. In 1947 production began on the model 190 and 195, Cessna’s first all-metal airplanes. Also that year Cessna entered the four-place market with the release of the 170.

The 1950s were seminal years for Cessna as it released in short order the 185, 172, 182, 150, 310 and 210. In 1956 the Cessna 210 became the first high-wing single-engine aircraft to fly with retractable gear.

That’s a pretty impressive lineup of models to develop and produce in a 10-year span. All of these models continue to be sought after today, with the 172 having the distinction of being the world’s most popular single-engine airplane.

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