Questions and Answers – 210 Wing Leveling, New Cessna SIDs

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February 2012

Q: Dear Steve,

I love my 1980 Cessna 210N. I think it’s the best high performance single ever made. It’s certainly the best airplane I’ve ever owned. Because of this airplane, I’ve been able to share amazing adventures with my wife and kids.

We all play golf and our 210 lets us load up our clubs and four small suitcases and get away very quickly from Cleveland during the winter months to play great courses in Florida, South Carolina and West Virginia.

Now, on to my problem. The last time we flew, I thought something was wrong but couldn’t quite figure out what. As we were loading up for the trip home, my son asked me why the left wingtip was lower than the right wingtip. We both stepped back to take a look… and he was right. I don’t remember it being out of level before.

I checked with my mechanic and he said one of the landing gear shims had worked out. Can you shed some light on what he’s talking about?

—Left Wing Low

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