Q&A: Loose vents in a 170; Cessna 150 Stall Warning System

Written by Steve Ells
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July 2013-

Q: Dear Steve,

I recently purchased my first airplane; it’s a Cessna 170A and I love it. I have always liked the look of the 170 and have always wanted a taildragger.

The 170 fits my needs exactly and I’ve had a great time polishing and shining it up. It’s the cleanest airplane on my airport. But I have one gripe—the vents up in the left and right corners of the windshield. They won’t stay in.

These look like juice cans with a plastic knob on one end. One has the outside air temperature gauge. They are real loose so when I push either one or both in they stay for a while—but then when I get up and trim out for cruise, they back out.

It’s not a real problem in the summer but when I’m flying in rain or when it’s cold, the rain and cold air make flying miserable.

What’s the solution?

—Cold and Wet

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