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Q&A: Owner-produced Parts and Cessna Product Improvements

Written by Steve Ells
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Hi Steve,
I sent you a picture of a part I need for my Cessna 182 (photo, above). This part screws into the intake manifold above the carburetor. The hose for the manifold pressure gauge screws onto the part.

My mechanic told me I need to change it, but I haven't been able to find the part number in my Cessna 182 parts manual. Can you help?

—Brad Robinson

Dear Brad,
The part you're looking for is called an adapter assembly and the Cessna part number is 0750282-1. That's the part number for the item that connects the manifold pressure line to the engine according to the 1962-73 Cessna 182 parts manual.

The list price for the part is over $400, although you may be able to get a used one from an airplane salvage company such as CFA supporters Wentworth, Dodson and Preferred Airparts; White Industries, Texas Air Salvage and others may also have it. KRN Aviation Services shows three on hand, according to its website.

The part appears to be a standard AN flared tube-to-pipe thread aircraft part that has a short steel tube brazed on the pipe thread end. The only reason for the short length of tubing is to keep any fuel that's condensed on the walls of the manifold from running down into the manifold pressure line.

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