Aircraft Spruce Acquires Aircraft Book Co.

November 25, 2014-
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co, a leading supplier of aircraft parts, avionics, and pilot supplies has announced that they recently acquired Aviation Book Co.
Based in Seattle, WA, Aviation Book Co. has been a distributor of aviation books, training materials, and aviation gifts for over 30 years. Aircraft Spruce president Jim Irwin said: "Aviation Book Company has been a well respected supplier to the general aviation community for decades, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to offer their products. We wish Nancy Griffith all the best in her retirement". Aircraft Spruce, with warehouses in California, Georgia, and Canada provides same day shipment to customers worldwide.
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Phone: 1-877-4SPRUCE
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For more information, please contact Aircraft Spruce at 877-477-7823.

Who’s Going to AirVenture in 2015?


EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin — Nov. 24, 2014 —

Advance purchase admission tickets and camping credentials are now available for the 63rd annual edition of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, providing greater convenience for those traveling to "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration." The week-long 2015 event will be held July 20-26 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh.

EAA members and non-members can purchase tickets in advance via a secure website, allowing them to speed through the admissions process upon arrival in Oshkosh. Daily and weekly admissions are available, as is the ability to join EAA and immediately receive the best possible admission prices available only to EAA members. Discounts are available to those who pre-purchase AirVenture tickets online before June 15, 2015, including $2 on daily adult admissions and $5 on weekly adult admissions.

"With its variety of attractions and entertainment options, EAA AirVenture remains one of the great family-friendly destinations at an affordable price," said Dave Chaimson, EAA vice president of business development and marketing. "This advance purchase system is the best way to be fully ready for this summer and an unforgettable experience at Oshkosh, while saving money at the same time."

Additionally, a new "Cleared Direct" T-shirt for AirVenture 2015 is also now available through the advance purchase website. Visit the site, make your selections, pay by credit card, and print your tickets at home. Full instructions and answers to frequently asked questions are also included online.

To access the advance ticketing area, visit Full instructions and answers to frequently asked questions are available at that site. Advance purchase AirVenture tickets are scanned and exchanged for an appropriate wristband at all AirVenture gates in a quick and easy process.

About EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration" and EAA's yearly membership convention. Additional EAA AirVenture information, including advance ticket and camping purchase, is available online at EAA members receive lowest prices on admission rates. For more information on EAA and its programs, call 1-800-JOIN-EAA (1-800-564-6322) or visit Immediate news is available at

New Product Delivers 10%-15% More Fuel Efficiency

New Product Delivers 10%-15% More Fuel Efficiency

November 11, 2014-

Ameritech Industries, Inc. the parent company of Eagle Engines and American Propeller of Redding, California are pleased to announce the long awaited availability of the Magneto Timing Housing (MTH) version of the Electroair Certified Electronic Ignition System for Continental IO-360, O/IO-470, IO-520 and IO-550 six cylinder engines. Ameritech is the largest stocking distributor for Electroair and systems are on the shelf, ready-to-ship.

The EIS-61000-1M STC'd ignition kit is currently approved for Cessna, Cirrus, Bellanca, Beechcraft, Mooney, Meyers and Navion aircraft with models being added regularly. Check Ameritech's website for the latest approvals.

The Electroair direct fire ignition system replaces one magneto with a Magneto Timing Housing (MTH) which feeds the engine position and RPM information to the Controller. The Controller also receives the input from the MAP sensor, computes the amount of dwell, adjusts timing, and signals the coils to fire directly into the spark plugs.

Typical advantages of the system include: 10-15% in fuel economy, smoother engine operation, improved high altitude performance, improved horsepower, reduced hot start problems, reduced spark plug fouling and reduce maintenance costs at 500 hour intervals.

Limitations of the previous six cylinder version of the ignition system are eliminated with the introduction of this MTH system.

Additional systems are in development for the Continental O-300, TSIO-360, TSIO-520 and TSIO-550, along with systems for the Lycoming TIO-540 and IO-580 engines.

For further information please contact Ameritech at 800-292-7767 or . You may visit Ameritech on the web at

Free Preferred Airparts Calendar

cover photo

Preferred Airparts is offering a free calendar to the first 50 Cessna Flyer Association members who request it. The 2015 calendar is another in our line of custom calendars, featuring older aircraft photos from the past.

Please visit to fill out your calendar request. Reference Cessna Flyer Association as where you saw this offer. Sorry but we can only send these to U.S. addresses.

Anni Brogan Becomes President of Micro AeroDynamics

Anni Brogan Becomes President of Micro AeroDynamics

October 2014-

Anacortes, WA – After several years as the Flight Test Director and Vice President at Micro AeroDynamics, Ms. Anni Brogan has become President of the company. She succeeds Charles White, founder of Micro AeroDynamics, who remains active in the company.

Ms. Brogan has become an authority on the technology of micro vortex generators. Working with the FAA, she has overseen the development and flight testing for STCs of after-market kits for hundreds of models of aircraft ranging from the Piper Cub to the Beech King Air. In her new role, she will continue to pursue STCs and intends to expand market penetration in foreign countries. Brogan and White recently exhibited Micro VG Kits at a tradeshow in the UK at Sywell Airport.

Micro Aerodynamics manufactures vortex generators kits that can be installed on single and twin engine aircraft with reciprocating and turbo prop engines. The vortex generators are effective in keeping the boundary layer attached to the surfaces of the wings and tail group in slow speed flight. They have been proven to reduce stall speed and take off run, while providing positive aileron control in slow flight and improved flight characteristics. For more information visit

Textron Aviation Introduces ProManagement for First-time Aircraft Owners


ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 20, 2014 - Textron Aviation, Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, announced today at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention & Exhibition in Orlando it is expanding its industry-leading ProAdvantage customer support suite with the introduction of ProManagement, a program designed to help first-time owners navigate aircraft operations.  

ProManagement allows first-time aircraft owners to use the company’s expertise regarding all aspects of aircraft ownership and operation including pilot services and training, location/hangar assistance, insurance, cost management, and introduction to ProAdvantage maintenance and support programs.

“ProManagement is an evolution of the expertise our teams have demonstrated for more than 20 years and is designed to make the transition into aircraft ownership seamless,” said Brad Thress, senior vice president, Customer Service. “Our experienced team members leverage their knowledge and relationships across the industry to provide a first-time customer with everything needed to set up their operation.”


ProAdvantage, which provides life-cycle maintenance and spare part support for aircraft airframes and avionics, engines and, when applicable, auxiliary power units, is designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs and optimize the value of the aircraft. Owners benefit from more accurate budget management and long-term price protection for most every system on the aircraft through ProParts, ProTech, PowerAdvantage and now, ProManagement programs.

Textron Aviation extended ProAdvantage coverage to Beechcraft King Air models earlier this year and also covers Cessna Citation business jets and Caravan turboprops. 

Textron Aviation Service

Textron Aviation, through its Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker brands, is renowned for its unrivaled global service network dedicated to complete life-cycle support. Textron Aviation’s business jet and turboprop aircraft product support organization includes a world-wide network of authorized service centers and 21 company-owned facilities with thousands of expert service engineers offering maintenance, inspections, parts, repairs, avionic upgrades, equipment installations, refurbishments, and other specialized services. Textron Aviation also offers ServiceDirect, a mobile service program featuring more than 40 mobile service units and on-site service technicians and support.

FAA NPRM 14 CFR Part 39

We propose to supersede Airworthiness Directive (AD) 81–09–09, which applies to certain Meggitt (Troy), Inc. (previously known as Stewart Warner South Wind Corporation and as Stewart Warner South Wind Division) Model Series 8240 (Models 8240–A, 8240–C, 8240E, and 8248), 8253 (Models 8253–A, 8253–B, and 8253–C), 8259 (Models 8259–A, 8259–C, 8259– DL, 8259HL2, 8259HR2, 8259JR2, 8259L, and 8259M), and 8472 (Models 8472C and 8472D) combustion heaters. AD 81–09–09 currently  requires repetitive inspections of the combustion heater; repetitive general inspections of the combustion heater installation; and, for combustion heaters having 1,000 hours or more time-in-service (TIS), overhaul of the combustion heater.

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AD 81-09-09

Airworthiness Directives; STEWART-WARNER (SOUTH WIND DIVISION): Applies to Combustion Heaters Model Series 8240, 8253, 8259, and 8472 marked as meeting the standards of FAA TSO-C20, installed in aircraft certificated in all categories

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AD 2004-25-16 R1: Regarding B-Series Combustion Heaters

The FAA is revising Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2004-25-16,
which applies to aircraft equipped with a fuel regulator shutoff valve
part number (P/N) 14D11, A14D11, B14D11, C14D11, 23D04, A23D04, B23D04,
C23D04, or P23D04 used with B1500, B2030, B2500, B3040, B3500, B4050,
or B4500 B-Series combustion heaters.

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AD: Kelly Aerospace Power Systems, B-Series Combustion Heaters

The FAA is superseding Airworthiness Directive (AD) 96-20-07, which applies to certain B-Series Combustion Heaters Models B1500, B2030, B3040, and B4050 that are installed on airplanes. AD 96-20-07 currently requires you to repetitively test (pressure decay) the combustion tube and overhaul any heater that does not pass any test.

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