Aircraft Spruce Celebrates 50 Years of Service to Aviation 1965-2015

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June 2015-

Flo Irwin starts a new business in the basement of family home in Fullerton, Calif. selling just one product: spruce lumber for aircraft builders. She takes orders by mail and phone, and hires one man to cut the spruce. A one-page flyer is the first Aircraft Spruce “catalog.”

Aircraft Spruce 9

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. occupies a small building on Amerige Ave. in downtown Fullerton. Flo begins to carry other aircraft-related products and expands the catalog by a few pages every year.

Aircraft Spruce 19

Aircraft Spruce moves to larger building at 128 W. Wilshire Ave. in Fullerton and now carries steel and aluminum tubing and sheets, hardware and an expanding range of products for homebuilders.

Flo’s husband Bob Irwin leaves the aerospace industry to join Aircraft Spruce, and their son Jim Irwin starts as a parts packer and wood cutter during high school.

Aircraft Spruce

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