Why You Should Join the Cessna Flyer Association

You’re someone who wants to get the most out of owning and flying your Cessna. The Cessna Flyer Association (CFA) is here to help you do just that.

Choose your association as you would your mechanic. Just as you would choose a mechanic that has the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience to work on your Cessna, you should choose an association with the relevant experience, knowledge, and passion to support you in your Cessna ownership.

Choose Cessna Flyer Association


When comparing Cessna Flyer to other associations here are some things to consider: 

We are a 100% General Aviation company. Advertising dollars and membership dues go back into our Association to pay for the best writers in the industry, deliver the best content monthly, and to support our members, advertisers, and General Aviation. 

Cessna Flyer Delivers:

  • A true membership association where dues are funneled back into the association and not siphoned off for non-aviation products or projects.
  • The best product—paper quality, design, page count, and content. Writers and staff with over 100,000 flight hours combined. Vetted and edited technical content.
  • The most highly-qualified technical support—A&P/IAs with over 100 years combined relevant Cessna experience
  • The largest Social Media following in our market. 150,000-plus followers.
  • The best parts locating service—nobody does what we do, as well as we do. 
  • Same titles and same owners since inception. (Jennifer & Kent Dellenbusch) There are associations “names” that have been around longer, but they have changed ownership since their founding. 



Don’t just take our word for it, see what members have to say:

Member Testimonials:

Thanks again for the part/service provider help you’ve provided me in the last couple of months. Paid for my membership many times over in cost savings!


-Robert Glidewell 

You don’t know how much I enjoy reading the Cessna Flyer magazine. I even show them to my mechanic so he will stay up with all the current issues. They have been extremely helpful. 

Again, Thank You for your help.

Keep up the good work.

-Dan Page

I love what you have done with the magazine! Beautiful production quality, great articles!

I love the cover photo for the “Things You Can Do in a 182” article. 

-Eckhard Konkel

I get lots of aviation magazines, but I like yours the best. I enjoyed the article about the 150/152, especially. Keep up the good work and more 150 info, please!

-Tim Bykofsky

Thanks so much. This was exactly kind of [tech] advice I was looking for. I really appreciate your quick response!

-Mark Wells

 Still have questions? Take a tour of the association by contacting Kent Dellenbusch.